Monday, February 15, 2016

Case 4: New Project with Old Team – Same team as of 7th semester is working on newer project during 8th semester

Same team as of 7th semester is working on NEWER PROJECT during 8th semester, with no change in team members.

When students are doing Newer project during semester 8, with the same team as of 7th semester, (with no change in team members) in terms of:

1. No newer team member is added 
2. No older team member is removed or detained

And hence team is carrying out NEWER project with EXACTLY SAME TEAM AS OF EARLIER SEMESTER, then in such case students should go with New Project with Old Team option and select options on PMMS portal as mentioned in below screen shot.



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  1. Dear Sir,

    My self Prof. Jayesh parekh Mechanical Dept. from SNPIT & RC, UMRAKH (collage code 049).
    Following two teams were having guides for project Prof. Ashok H Sapariya (e mail ID But now Mr. Sapariya has left the collage so i will be the guide for following two teams. So i request you to add me as their guides in your portal and provide me the username and password for the same so that i can approve the team. My details are:

    Prof. Jayeshkumar Parekh
    Old email ID:
    New email ID:
    mob: 9099779262

    TEAM 1:

    120490119005 Vavaliya Sukhdev Sanjaybhai
    120490119041 Nakrani Jatin Jayantibhai
    120490119043 Kathiriya Hiralkumar Madhubhai
    120490119047 Davda Abhishekbhai Ghanshyambhai
    120490119050 Shukal Kishan Jaswantbhai

    TEAM 2:
    120490119065 Limchiya Parthkumar B
    120490119021 Patel Ronilkumar H
    120490119022 Solanki Mirajkumar V
    120490119080 Patel Kiran J
    120490119070 Patel chetankumar S

    Best Regards
    Prof. Jayeshkumar Parekh
    Mechanical Dept.
    SNPIT&RC Umarakh