Monday, September 21, 2015

Faculty/Guide name not showing in the guide list

GTU PMMS system is based on faculty data provided by every colleges to GTU via GTUadmin panel.

Hence the list of only those faculty will be shown to students, whose details has been given by colleges to GTU via GTu admin panel.

For example: If at department Y in college X, their are 20 faculty (actually) working in college but only 10 are mentioned at GTU admin panel then students from such college X and Y department will find list of only 10 faculty during their team formation, rest 10 will not be displayed still they are working officially in the college.

How to add name of faculty in PMMS guide list, if it is not available:

Please refer following GTU circular: 
Staff Portal, to fill and validate online Faculty information is open for all institutes for first FIVE Working Days of Month: 

So if any faculty is not available in the list, respective college has to add his details in to GTU admin panel in first five working days of every month.

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