Monday, September 21, 2015

Request to remove student from approved team in PMMS

If due to any of the reasons (for example, student detained, student wants to work with other team and project etc), if any team member is to be removed from any current approved team then such facility is already developed under the PMMS portal.

To remove student from team in PMMS Portal follow below steps:

1. Functionality to remove student from team is given under Project Internal guide's account 

2. Contact your guide and HOD, and convince him for the circumstances for such need.

3. Then after, log in to PMMS portal from Internal guide's account.

4. Go to Manage>Student removal request and make any such request after due inquiry.

5. Such request need to be approved from HOD or Principal's account.

6. HOD or Principal's has to log in to PMMS using their standard PMMS user account, and then go to option  Manage>Student removal request and approve any such request after verifying the details with student and/or faculty.

Note: For any query or confusion refer GTU PMMS guideline, other project related guideline or contact GTU. The information on this blog is just for information.


  1. how to approve/disapprove the request of "request to remove team member"

  2. how many members can be grouped for team?

  3. sir my project leader has been detain so he is removed for all persons but he can not removed this group so i can change my leader so please help me

  4. Hello sir
    please help me

    i am currently in 8th sem my team registration is done.
    i am only one person in my project.
    i want to drop this project and join into another team.

    because i am individual in my project there is no remove-student option in my guides account.

    how can i leave my project and join another group.

    please help me...

  5. If Only two members In team then how can remove it?

  6. I want to delete my students rugitration on pmms portal me