Monday, September 21, 2015

How to change internal guide in to PMMS

If due to any of the reasons, if any team is wishing to change their guide during the ongoing project work then such facility is already developed under the PMMS portal.

To change internal guide in PMMS Portal follow below steps:

1. Functionality to change guide is given under Team leader’s account.

2. Log in to PMMS from team leader's account.

3. Go to student>manage>Request to change internal guide

4. Select the name of current guide

5. Choose the option from Disciplinary or Inter-Disciplinary 

6. Then based on selected option, list of all faculty within the department or all faculty from respective colleges will be shown to students.

7. Select the name of faculty to whom you want to make as your guide.

8. And then click on request, your such request will then reach to HOD and Principal. Any one from HOD or Principals approval is required to make it effective.

9. HOD or Principal has to log in to PMMS using their standard PMMS user account, and then go to option Manage>Request to change internal guide and approve any such request after verifying the details with student and faculty.

Note: For any query or confusion refer GTU PMMS guideline, other project related guideline or contact GTU. The information on this blog is just for information.


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  9. Just send the request for team approval to the new guide.. And tell the old guide to delete your previous request.

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