Monday, September 21, 2015

Step by step guide for students registration for PMMS

1. The link for PMMS portal is:

2. Students needs to register them selves at student registration page: 

3. Student needs to register at above link by providing below information:

  • Enrollment number, - after filling enrollment number, GTU system will auto fetch the information related to college, department and discipline associated with each student)
  • Selecting appropriate semester, 
  • Selecting appropriate gender option, 
  • Email ID and 
  • Re confirming the same email ID one more time (to avoid any typo error in email ID, as password to operate PMMS will be send on this mail ID), 
  • Mobile number and 
  • Secondary contact no (if any)

4. Once student fills above details and register for the PMMS portal, one email will be send to student on his mail account for his PMMS account request.

5. After student's registration, such request will further goes to respective HOD and/or Principal for student's approval.

6. Respective HOD and Principal has to log in to PMMS portal using their default PMMS account as and respectively, where in XXX is the college code & YY is department code.

7. Then, Respective HOD and Principal, has to verify the details given  by students in registration phase and has to approve it (if request details founds to be genuine) or else HOD or Principal may reject such requests as well if details are not genuine.

8. Once HOD or Principal will approve any such request, then the password to open PMMS account of any such student will be sent on his/her given mail ID.

Note: For any query or confusion refer GTU PMMS guideline, other project related guideline or contact GTU. The information on this blog is just for information.


  1. they are showing me that registration is closed.
    But today morning i get mail from college that register on gtu pmms portal for 8th sem project.
    And within 2 hours registration is closed how it is possible.
    please sir reply me.
    thank you

  2. if email id wrong in registration then what ?

  3. If emal address entered wrong by mistake so???

    Plz reply 9824406609 mob. No. email address

  4. If email id is entered wrong so what can I do?
    Plz reply to

    1. Your group leader can edit it and then submit it. Then Your guide will get mail and approved it. May be help you.

  5. By mistake I choose individual project but I want to work in group project. Now it is possible? And how?

  6. dear sir, I want to add two new team member in my team but here are none of the option to add them. I am already submit team registration form and it can not be approved my internal guide. please give me a solution..

    1. Plz contact your HOD or internal guide professor......

  7. if email id is entered wrong so what can I do?
    Plz reply to

  8. i am in 7th semester and i am leader in group and due to some reason i have to change the group. so can i change my group ?