Monday, September 21, 2015

Step by step guide for students team formation for respective projects in PMMS

Every student must register his/ her project, along with the details of the team members, Faculty Guide etc at the earliest to the PMMS portal.

For team formation follow below steps.

1. Students have to register for PMMS

2. Respective HOD or Principal has to approve students.

3. After approval from HOD or Principal, the password for PMMS log in will be sent to all students given mail ID.

4. Once all team members have been registered and received the password, any one student may log in and form the team of for their project in  PMMS via following below steps:
  • Select the appropriate option - Team or Individual Project
  • Give Project Title
  • Select the type of project - Disciplinary or Interdisciplinary (Disciplinary means the project within the scope of single branch of engineering, Interdisciplinary means the project whose scope involves more than one branch of engineering)
  • Then select the name of guide under whose guidance student/team is working for said project.
  • In case of Disciplinary projects student/team have to select only one guide, while in case of Interdisciplinary student/team have to select at least two guides each from the said branch of engineering.
  • The list of guide will include only those faculty's list whose details will be given by said colleges to GTU via GTU admin panel of respective colleges.
  • Then select the project type, weather IDP or UDP
  • Then provide the keywords related to the area of each project.
  • In case if students are working for IDP, they are required to give more details of organisation/company/guide under whose guidance they are working.
  • And then at last, in case of team project student may add his team members by providing enrollment number of students who are his/her team mates for project.

Team leader: The person who had formed the team will be considered as Team Leader for PMMS activities.

5. Once this steps has been finished by students, then the request for said team will goes to the faculty who had been selected as guide, and mail in this regard for team formation will also be sent by PMMS system to student/team members and selected guide.

6. To approve student teams for doing further activities, said selected internal guide has to approve such teams after verifying the details given  by students in team registration phase and has to approve it (if request details founds to be genuine) or else guide may reject such requests as well if details are not genuine.

7. Once team will be approved by guide, then mail for team approval will be sent by PMMS system to student/team members.

8. Team approval can also be made from the account of respective department HOD as well from the institute's principal's account.

Note: For any query or confusion refer GTU PMMS guideline, other project related guideline or contact GTU. The information on this blog is just for information.


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  2. Respected sir,

    i am 7th semester student as i was unaware about the dates i have only cleared the step of student registration but haven't completed my step of team registration and now it has been closed so can you guide me further??

  3. How many members can be added to the team?