Monday, October 5, 2015

General sets of rules related to Periodic Progress Report (PPR) task

  • Every student has to submit Periodic Progress Report (PPR) Individually (Not in Team).
  • Each student has to submit minimum four Periodic Progress Reports (PPRs).
  • Save and Submit button on PPR: After filling PPR, if student click on Save button, student’s PPR will be saved and he/she can edit the same in future, If student click on Submit button, student’s PPR will be submitted and he/she will not be able to edit the same in future. So be careful while submitting the PPRs.
  • If any student wants to furnish any other details apart from answering above four questions as part of their PPR, he/she can give details via uploading specific file.
  • Once student submits PPR, his/her respective guide (Internal AND/OR External) must have to make comment on it.
  • If any HOD/Principal is also interested to make comment on any PPR, they are also permitted to do so (optional).
  • At the end, students have to take photocopy of submitted PPRs (along with comments from their respective guides – internal as well as external and/or HOD/Principal) and have to attach the same with the final project report.

  • Note: Students are also required to do PPR activity during semester 8, with respect to their semester 8 project work. Other rules will remain same as above. 

Note: For any query or confusion refer GTU PMMS guideline, other project related guidelines or contact GTU. The information on this blog is just for information.

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