Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Objectives of Patent Search and Analysis Report (PSAR) activity

The Objective of PSAR activity is to increase awareness regarding patents among students and faculty by making them familiarity with patent websites & patent documents. To motivate students for innovative thinking. 

In PSAR activity every student of final year BE who is doing project individually or in team are required to do patent search related to their IDP/UDP/Final year projects and submit a report of their such work online.

In PSAR activity one student has to submit minimum five PSAR reports after studying five patents, so in a class of sixty students totally three hundred patents is to be studied. In PSAR activity, after studying each patent students are required to give one improvement idea related to each studied patent, so from each class we could have three hundred ideas. Such all ideas we may filter out by effective review from faculty members, to identify best physible ideas which may be further work upon as innovative projects for next semester/year students. Generally in a class of sixty students 15-20 projects are going to be carried out in one semester, against to this number we do have large number of ideas with our selves so that our students may select from large number of innovative concepts and can work upon really novel and better ideas for the project work via effective use of this PSAR activity.

The PSAR reports of patent search work by each team will also be made online along with comment and suggestions of the guide. Data will be made available online for creating lateral learning opportunities within and across various branches/sectors of engineering students at GTU.

It will be the responsibility of the faculty-guide to ensure that each student (team member) will study the different patents related to their IDP/UDP. No student of the same team/same class has to repeat the same patent as studied by another team member/student of the same project/IDP/UDP or class.

GTU requests to all students and faculty for understanding the objectives of PSAR activity, and to give best possible extension ideas (Clearly in just one paragraph) for each studied patent. Your such effort will improve the quality of projects in next semesters.

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