Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Outcome of PSAR activity

The key out come of PSAR activity are as below:
  • Awareness for IPR/Patent among students and faculty will raise effectively.
  • Familiarity with patent websites, patent documents and patent search will be raised.
  • Large amount of innovative ideas can be generated by effective monitoring of PSAR activity.
  • Such innovative ideas can be further taken up as novel projects in next semester/years.
  • Reduction in the duplicative project can be achieved.

Our students have extensively studied the patents filed by the Indian Patent Office, U.S. Patent Office and European Patent Office, related to their respective IDP / UDP. This creates an awareness about similar technologies available or under development throughout the globe. 

During academic year 2013-14, via this activity more than 35000 students have studied more than 178,000 patents in a period of four months. Following to that in next academic year (2014-15) also a hard work of more than 42000 students and faculty from all GTU affiliated B.E. colleges across the state leads to generation of more than 185,000 PSAR reports. This ultimately leads to significant rise in IP literacy among our students and faculty.

These efforts from large number of students and faculty have put GTU in the next orbit of creating a distributed, inclusive and frugal university-based large-scale innovation ecosystem.  

The detailed report for outcome of PSAR activity are available at: 

These report presents the detailed analysis of efforts made by students from various departments of all degree engineering colleges affiliated to Gujarat Technological University (GTU) in PSAR (Patent Search and Analysis Report) activity.

GTU is further planning to develop proper review system of all such generated PSAR reports from all colleges. Where by GTU, in association with all faculty aiming to motivate all students for giving more innovative ideas for incremental innovations related to each of the studied patents. Through this system potential ideas will be extracted from all such PSAR reports, which can be further taken as innovative projects by subsequent batch of students

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