Sunday, October 4, 2015

What to answer by students under set of four questions of each PPR?

Student's have to submit PPR by answering set of following four questions in each PPR.

The questions are as below:

1. What progress student has made in the project related to their final year IDP/UDP?

(Give brief note about the work student has did in a period of 14 days, and mention the status of progress)

2. What Challenges student has faced and how they are trying to solve them?

(Student has to list out the various challenges he/she had faced, with respect to the task allotted to him/her in a project)

3. What support student needs?

(Mention the details related to the kind of support he/she needs against the kind of challenges he/she had faced in progress of project)

4. Which literature student has referred and its analysis?

(List out the all literature, which student has referred in a period of every 14 days, with respect to need of project, challenges student has faced etc.)

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Note: For any query or confusion refer GTU PMMS guideline, other project related guideline or contact GTU. The information on this blog is just for information.

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