Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How will PSAR activity help to improve the Project qualities?

In PSAR activity, each student is required to study at least five patents, so in a group of three students they will study fifteen patents.


Student have to study most relevant patents as in the domain of their project and has to ensure that their project is not overlapping exactly with any of such patents.


By this way students may overcome the duplication of work, which is already been done earlier.


Also after studying each patent students are required to give one innovative idea to further improve studied patent. So in a class of sixty students totally three hundred patents is to be studied. In PSAR activity, after studying each patent students are required to give one improvement idea related to each studied patent, so from each class we could have three hundred ideas. Such all ideas we may filter out by effective review from faculty members, to identify best physible ideas which may be further work upon as innovative projects for next semester/year students. Generally in a class of sixty students 15-20 projects are going to be carried out in one semester, against to this number we do have large number of ideas with our selves so that our students may select from large number of innovative concepts and can work upon really novel and better ideas for the project work via effective use of this PSAR activity.  


GTU is further planning to develop proper review system of all such generated PSAR reports from all colleges. Where by GTU, in association with all faculty aiming to motivate all students for giving more innovative ideas for incremental innovations related to each of the studied patents. Through this system potential ideas will be extracted from all such PSAR reports, which can be further taken as innovative projects by subsequent batch of students


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