Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What is the process and details for review of the PSAR reports by faculty?

Faculty are advised to motivate students for giving best possible extensions/add on features in each studied patent by every students. 

Once student submits the PSAR reports on PMMS portal, those reports has to be reviewed by faculty (Internal Guide/HOD/Principal), preferably by project internal guide. Faculty will check PSAR reports as submitted by student team and will review the same.

To scale up the PSAR activity to next advanced level and to get maximum out of this massive movement, this year GTU is also introducing the PSAR review process by faculty in PMMS.

Review of the PSAR reports by the faculty guide, comprising set of questioner as below:
1. Does this PSAR report is based on patent related to student’s project?- Yes/No
2. Does student have prepared PSAR report after proper reading of patent? – Yes/No
3. Does the PSAR report of student is of appropriate quality? – Yes/No
4. Does the PSAR activity had contributed in any way to improve the project of this students? – Yes/No
5. Does the improvement idea given by student under question no 27 of PSAR report has potential to take forward as novel project in next semester/year? - Yes/No , and then its description


  1. How can one log in when had given wrong mail id? He won't get login id or password which is sent to their given mail id.

  2. I have one question, I filled my PSAR 1 but I am not able to see the submit button anywhere there, because of it I am not able to fill the future PSAR's like 2,3,4,etc and it is only being "Saved" and not "Submitted" what's the reason for this?