Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Structure and Parts of Patent Search and Analysis Report (PSAR)

Patent Search and Analysis Report (PSAR) is majorly divided into three parts as:
  1. Patent Search Technique Used
  2. Basic Data of Patented Invention/Bibliographic Data
  3. Technical Part of Patented Invention
All these three part includes multiple of associated and related questions.

The list of questions under each part of PSAR report are as below:

Part 1: Patent Search Technique Used
  1. Patent search database used
  2. Keywords used for search
  3. Search string used
  4. Number of results/hits getting 
Part 2: Basic Data of Patented Invention/Bibliographic Data
  1. Category/ Field of Invention
  2. Invention is related to (Class/Area of Invention)
  3. IPC class of the studied patent
  4. Title of Invention/Patent
  5. Patent No.
  6. Application Number
  7. Web link of the studied patent
  8. Date of Filing/Application
  9. Priority Date
  10. Publication/Journal Number
  11. Publication Date
  12. First Filled Country
  13. Also Published as (Countries where Filled & Application No./ Patent No.)
  14. Name of Inventor/s with Address/City/Country of Inventor
  15. Name of Applicant/Assignee with Address/City/Country of Applicant/Assignee
  16. Category for Applicant of Patent
Part 3: Technical Part of Patented Invention
  1. Limitation of Prior Technology/Art
  2. Specific Problem Solved/Objective of Invention
  3. Brief about Invention
  4. Key learning points
  5. Summary of Invention
  6. Number of claims
  7. Patent Status
  8. How much this invention is related with your project?
  9. Do you have any idea to do anything around the said invention to improve it?


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