Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What is the review process of Design Engineering Canvas by faculty?

Once student team submits the canvas reports on PMMS portal, those canvases has to be reviewed by faculty (Internal Guide/HOD/Principal), preferably by project internal guide.
Faculty will download the canvas image reports as submitted by student team and will review the same.

Faculty will review the canvases  based on following set of questions along with their inputs and insights, 

Questioners for Final Year PMMS Activities based on Design Thinking Approach
  1. Do you think design based learning/ project helped students for creativity, innovation and problem solving? - YES/ NO
  2. Do you think canvas activities helped students for team work & collaboration? - YES/ NO
  3. Did the student’s team go for ISY/ Observation? - YES/ NO
  4. Do you think Observation activity (Empathy) is important for project work? - YES/ NO
  5. After Observation activity, do you think that students can better define project statement? - YES/ NO
  6. Do you think Ideation Canvas is important for project work? - YES/ NO
  7. Do you think Product Development Canvas is important for project work? - YES/ NO
  8. Do you think Minimum Viable Prototype (MVP) helps students to refine their project work? - YES/ NO
  9. Do you think after introducing Design Based Learning (DBL) (Canvas) into the final year projects, project quality is improved? - YES/ NO
  10. Did students (team) finish all stages in time? - YES/ NO
  11. Please describe/ write any other feedback. - (Text Box)

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Note: For any query or confusion please refer GTU PMMS guideline, other project related guidelines or contact GTU. The information on this blog is just for information.

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