Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What is the role of faculty in PSAR activity?

It will be the responsibility of the faculty-guide to ensure that each student (team member) will study the different patents related to their IDP/UDP. No student of the same team/same class has to repeat the same patent as studied by another team member/student of the same project/IDP/UDP or class. 

Note: To scale up the PSAR activity, this year GTU is also introducing the PSAR review process by faculty in PMMS. Faculty are advised to motivate students for giving best possible extensions/add on features in each studied patent by every students. These data of PSAR reports will be made online for lateral learning by other faculty and students. And after review of each innovative idea (answer of PSAR question 27), by faculty best ideas can be identified and transformed/taken into really innovative projects to build novel product or processes. This will enhance the level of innovative idea/projects and mitigate the duplication of work.

Other role of Faculty (Internal guide/HOD/Principal) in PSAR activity are as follows: 
  • Make students aware about the objective and Outcome of PSAR activity. 

  • Internal guide must has to verify the generated PSAR files related to individual student's activity/project. Faculty may give their suggestion/inputs/comments related to PSAR activity. The same tasks can also be performed from HOD/Principal’s account. 

  • Based on the inputs from internal guide/HOD/Principal student team has to take necessary action. 

  • External guide and External mentor can also comment on this activity.

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