Sunday, October 4, 2015

What is difference between COMMENT & REVIEW button on PMMS portal, under faculty/HOD/Principal account?

Students may re-edit the items, if faculty has given COMMENT, but if faculty has REVIEW it then students may not re-edit the same afterwards.

Comment: If faculty/HOD/Principal click on comment (as per their observations) then it means, student will respond specific to the comment. And so student CAN further modify the details, and after which faculty has to REVIEW the changes as made by students.

Review: If faculty/HOD/Principal click on review, then it means faculty/HOD/Principal are satisfied with the work of student and hence it will be finally submitted to university. NO further modification will be possible their after. 

Once student SUBMIT (and NOT SAVE) details for any project activity (PPR, PSAR, Canvas activity, Project report etc) on PMMS portal via clicking on SUBMIT button, it is MUST required to be reviewed by faculty/HOD/Principal.

IF student has not SUBMIT the details of any activity from his account, then it will not come for review under guide/HOD/Principal's account.

Faculty is required to review based on:

  1. The quality check of tasks as performed by students, 
  2. To give any suggestion for the improvement as well 
  3. To authenticate the data. 
Based on above parameters faculty/HOD/Principal has to review the activities performed by student or student team.

If faculty/HOD/Principal, after review wants to ask any student or team to further work upon some points/agendas to improve the quality of content or anything else then they have to submit details via COMMENT button. 

Based on the comment as received from  faculty/HOD/Principal student or team is required to update the details and has to resubmit it. then  faculty/HOD/Principal will again review the same.

If the details as submitted by student or team are found to be of appropriate quality to  faculty/HOD/Principal after review, then they may directly click on the REVIEW button to finalize the items.

What is difference between Save & Submit button on PMMS portal, under student's account?

Note: For any query or confusion refer GTU PMMS guideline, other project related guideline or contact GTU. The information on this blog is just for information.


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