Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What is Patent Search and Analysis Report (PSAR) Generation Activity?

GTU Innovation Council (GIC) has launched a massive movement for IPR literacy among students, as a part of their final year projects.

To improve the innovation quotient of each of the IDP / UDP, GIC updated the framework for the Final Year projects and inserted Patent Search and Analysis Report (PSAR) generation activity as a mandatory activity under IDP/UDP for all 7th semester BE students at Colleges, affiliated with GTU.

The students are required to do patent search either related to their IDP/UDP/Final year projects or related to their area of interest and submit a report of their work online on PMMS portal.

Every student within a team has to study at least five (5) patents related either to his/her IDP/UDP or related to his/her area of interest. Analysed data of each of these five patents is to be submitted online on PMMS portal.

PSAR is individual student’s activity and not a team activity.

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